West Bengal H.S English Suggestion 2024 [WBCHSE] উচ্চমাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি Suggestion
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West Bengal H.S English Suggestion 2024 [WBCHSE] উচ্চমাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি Suggestion

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We have posted H.S. English Suggestion 2024 on our website for upper secondary students. You will encounter the questions in the exam if you read the proposal, rehearsed the questions, and mentally prepared yourself.

West Bengal H.S English Suggestion

Important information for the pupils

Based on many question patterns from past years, we have created a significant H.S. 2024 English Suggestion for the final exam. The students who will take the exam in 2024 must prepare a lot of questions. Prepare to follow the advice and show up at the exam room. Be overjoyed to get the typical inquiries and deliver the top outcomes.

West Bengal Exam Schedule for 2024

The WBCHSE has announced the date of the upcoming exam in 2024.

H.S English Suggestion 2024 2

English Suggestion “Three Questions” (Prose) 2024

  • What is the “Three Questions” story’s central theme?
  • Explain the meaning of the story’s title, “Three Questions”.
  • Draw a portrait of the hermit.
  • Draw a portrait of the Tsar.
  • What lesson may be learned from the narrative “Three Questions”?
  • What three questions were they?
  • The three questions were answered by the Tsar in some manner. (By Hermit) How did the wise men respond to the three inquiries?
  • How did the Tsar’s adversary turn into his ally?
  • Describe the incident involving the injured man.

“Forgive me, said the bearded man …… “

“You have already been answered!”

“Now rest a while — and let me work a bit.”

“Here comes someone running.”

A poem titled “The Eyes Have It” Suggestion 2024

  • Draw a picture of the girl’s personality.
  • Draw a portrait of the narrator.
  • Why is the title “The Eyes Have It” appropriate?
  • Describe the atmosphere in October in Mussorie.
  • Although she had lovely eyes, they served no purpose for her because she was totally blind.
  • She would forget about our brief meeting.
  • “The voice had the sparkle of a mountain stream.”
  • “Then I erred,” I said.
  • “That always takes place”

“The Poetry of Earth” Suggestion 2024

Describe the “The Poetry of Earth” poem’s main idea, theme, and essence.

  • Why is the poem’s title “The Poetry of Earth” appropriate?
  • The sonnet “The Poetry of Earth” is evaluated.
  • the poet’s perspective on nature.
  • winter and summer images
  • Earth’s poetry never stops being alive. Or the poetry of the land never stops.
  • A voice will be heard.
  • He takes the initiative.
  • He has never stopped enjoying himself.
  • “He is relaxed,”
  • When there is silence brought on by the frost.
  • “When every bird is frightened,”
  • Determine the poem’s poetic voices.
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How does Keats use the voices to create a sense of continuity?

“.. and seems to one half lost in drowsiness.”

“Asleep In The Valley” is a poem. Suggestion 2024

  • Describe the “Asleep In The Valley” poem’s main idea, theme, and essence.
  • Why is the poem’s title “Asleep In The Valley” appropriate?
  • central notion
  • sympathy for war, tragedy of war, anti-war poem, and attitude towards war
  • image of a soldier dozing off
  • a description of the valley’s beauty
  • He snoozes with his feet among the flowers.
  • Nature kept him a worm, I see.
  • “The buzzing insect doesn’t interfere with his sleep.”
  • “His smile is as innocent as a baby’s”
  • “Inside his side, there are two red holes.”
  • They “pour light into the hollow.”
  • Pale on his verdant, sun-drenched bed
  • Nature’s therapy by Rambaud
  • Young soldier lying with lips open

“Shall I Compare Thee” Poem 2024 Suggestion

  • Describe the “Shall I Compare Thee” poem’s main idea, theme, and essence.
  • Why is the poem’s title “Shall I Compare Thee” appropriate?
  • central notion
  • He compared his dear friend to a summer’s day.
  • Every fair declines from fair at times.
  • Death will not boast of your resting under his shadow.
  • This survives for so long and gives you life.
  • What standout characteristics does the poet’s companion possess?
  • The eye of heaven beams when it’s too hot at times.
  • However, thine perpetual summer won’t end.
  • What is the poet’s interpretation of a summer day?
  • How do the strong winds behave?
  • “When through endless lines of time thou growst”

Play or drama “The Proposal” Suggestion 2024

Welcome to my digitalenglish blog, my beloved students. Your last exam is approaching quickly. So I think my recommendation for the play “The Proposal” in your WBCHSE English syllabus is spot on. Like every year, I’ve asked a few significant questions. I am hoping that you will see the questions on the exam paper based on my 10 years of teaching expertise. Every student is aware that the covid epidemic has caused a reduction in your course offerings. As a result, I have added more questions to the suggestion.

Important Suggestive Questions:

  • What is the central idea, topic, or main point of the drama “The Proposal”? *
  • Explain the relevance of the play’s title and provide support for it in your essay.
  • The play “The Proposal” should be described as a one-act drama.
  • Is the play that inspired the proposal a joke? -With careful consideration of the material, defend your response.*
  • Describe Chubukov from the drama “The Proposal” in a few words. Or how do you know if Chubukov is a responsible father?
  • Create a character sketch for Natalya from “The Proposal” on stage.
  • Briefly describe the social life depicted in “The Proposal” in your essay.
  • Describe Nataliya and Lomov’s first argument.
  • Give details about the fight over the hunting dogs.
  • What message is Chekhov trying to get over in his play?
  • A quotation from the drama “The Proposal” may also be used as a question in addition to the ones listed above. I’ve included a few excerpts from quotes with questions for the students below.
  • Oh, what a burden it is for Lod to have an adult daughter! ***
  • Who stated, “He is dead”? Who is it directed at? Describe the current circumstance. ***
  • “Get married as soon as possible.” Also, “She is willing.”- Who are you? Who is the speaker addressing this to?
  • What happens next, and why?
  • He is still alive, and I’m willing to believe that. He is who?
  • Whose existence as a living person is in question? You are a grammar, not a neighbour, was said.
  • Who exactly stated it to whom?
  • How come this is said? I’m not used to hearing people speak to me in that tone of voice. – Who exactly stated it to whom?
  • When is it uttered? Why is this said?
  • Who is it that says, “I… I’m happy too?” What time does the speaker say that?
  • What makes the speaker joyful? Describe the speaker’s joy.
  • “I’ll try to keep it short.” —–Who is speaking?
  • Has the speaker been successful in achieving their goals? Bring forth the situation’s irony.
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Unseen Suggestion for H.S. English in 2024

Use the question bank and test papers to prepare for the unexpected.

Writing Skill Suggestion for High School English 2024 [WBCHSE]
English Writing Skill H.S. 2024

Only three different sorts of writing skills are covered in our W.B.C.H.S.E. curriculum.

Writing a Report Writing Formal and Official Letters Accurate Writing

Writing skills receive only 10 points. The writing section includes the precis, report, and letter writing. However, out of the three questions, only one must have a response from the pupils.

Important Report Writing Format for 2024 Programme,

  • Celebration, and Function On this subject, [I have created a magical report writing format.] Click this.
  • Attack of the coronavirus [Covid-19] on the world/India Click this.
  • Novel coronavirus seminar and mask and sanitizer distribution camp To learn more, click here.
  • Dengue and malaria awareness day
  • debating competition between schools
  • Weeklong programme tidy up the classroom, the school’s grounds, and the area around it.
  • the annual award presentation at your school
  • The Kanyashree Divas
  • Awareness campaigns for traffic safety, “Safe Drive, Save Life”
  • a camp for blood donations
  • Ceremony to say goodbye to a teacher
  • Cycle Distribution: Sabuj Sathi Praklapa
  • Jayanti Rabindra
  • Educational outing Magic performance

Writing Formal and Official Letters

Letter writing comes in a variety of forms. However, the letters to the editor, the headmaster, businesses, complaining, and banks are also published. Several years ago, the question papers included letter-writing prompts from those areas. In order to prepare for the 2024 English exam, students should read, follow, and practise the letter.

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Significant Editor’s Letter

  • Overall, the framework for drafting editorial letters Click this.
  • To express your worry about mask use and maintaining social distance outside the home, write to the editor of an English newspaper.
  • Write a letter to the editor of an English newspaper expressing your dismay at the increase in the cost of petrol and diesel. click this
  • Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper alerting the government to the sharp increase in the cost of necessities. Click this
  • Letter to the editor of an English newspaper alerting the authorities to the fact that cybercrime is now a daily concern.
  • a letter to the editor of a newspaper asking them to draw the government’s attention to the hospitals’ poor state in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak in your area.
  • Regular rubbish disposal and neighbourhood cleaning
  • use of microphones and loudspeakers without consideration
  • The issue of rising unemployment weighs heavily on the minds of young people in your community, including your classmates.

Complaint Letter

  • Compose a complaint letter to the mayor in order to clean up the neighbourhood.
  • Send the O.C. a letter of protest regarding the rise in antisocial behaviour in your area.
  • loss of a bicycle, cell phone, Aadhar card, or other item.

Banking Letter

  • Submit a request for a student loan in writing to the bank manager. Click this.
  • Send a letter of request for the opening of a new savings account to the bank management. Please click here.

Letter Or Application To The Headmaster

  • Send a letter to your school’s headmaster or headmistress asking them to set up potable water on the campus. unified format please click
  • Call for the creation of special classes
  • Appeal for holding a mock exam
  • prayer for the school’s online education system

Enterprise Letter

  • Let’s say you run XYZ retail businesses. Purchase a phone from the retailer.
  • Send a letter to the company’s manager cancelling an order owing to an unreasonable delay.
  • Disputes involving incorrect or flawed deliveries

English 2024 WBCHSE HS Suggestion:

View the full writing suggestion in advance. Join our Telegram group if you require a text. The Telegram link is located at the top of the post.

Before the H.S. 2024 exam, we might alter the topics.

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